Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

nar·ra·tive (n):

an account of connected events; a story.

Plan, Build, Hustle: The Merrimack Chamber in 2018



2018 is a big year for the Merrimack Chamber.

We're in the midst of rapid expansion here in town while simultaneously dealing with rapid change happening in the world around us.

The internet has changed how business is done, sparking a wave of start-up operations and established business growth as dreamers & entrepreneurs have unlimited access to information and can communicate their message to the masses with ease.

Change can be tough on the business community, but it has to be embraced if one wants to remain relevant in the market.

It was 90 years ago - at the end of January of 1928 - that 7 businessmen here in Merrimack came together and incorporated our Chamber of Commerce. Merrimack was rich with industry & commerce, and it became obvious to leaders within the business community would need to come together in order to facilitate the growth potential they knew our town possessed.

90 years later, we're still here performing the same function: looking out for those who facilitate the business potential of our community. This year, we're looking forward to telling all the stories from our organization's history because - after all - it's always important to remember where we came from. Yet, while we celebrate what happened in 1928, we recognize it's not 1928 anymore.

Our focus in 2018 is to modernize how the chamber and our members meet their goals (technology, event structure, communication, monetization, etc), as well as simplify our offerings to ensure we place our business community's needs first. It is our members who give the chamber value, thus it is our members who the chamber must serve above all else.

Our mantra this year: Plan, Build, Hustle.

Those of you who wish to join us in this journey, we would love to welcome you to the team.

Carl Soderberg